Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DDA Housing Scheme 2010 : List of Eligible Candidates

List of eligible candidates in DDA website is uploaded on 29th  March 2011 .

So now the applicants can check their forms online by simply opening

this site  http://www.dda.org.in/housing10/application2010.asp 

After clicking this link just  enter your application form number.

If your name is appearing there along with the registration amount,

then the form you filled is correct , no further correction needed .

If not then you need to contact DDA office within  5 days, last date of correction is  3rd April 2011.

You can also call DDA customer care for any enquiry , their number is 011-39898911

I will keep you updating with other facts related to it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thialand …………..A nice shopping experience

I was on a trip to thialand , its really a niceee  place to travel

I did a lot of things there , there is an endless list to it

but  the thing i enjoyed a lot is  SHOPPING (  its common to all females)

On my way to one of the best shopping street of Bangkok ,the sukhumvit market(easily accessible through BTS)

i saw lot of vendors make up the roadside market fringing the main road.I too purchased many things ,

some of them are of work while others are not may be

there i was behaving like a typical female who  go mad for shopping .

After 2 – 3 hours of shopping , i was a bit exhausted physically and in terms of money also.

All of a sudden my eyes fell on a beautiful portray of Buddha , it was an awesome rubber painting,

then the fight began on price ………………started from 4000 bahts  finishes to 600 bahts , after a lot of bargaining(mark it )

I was really happy for the deal , the painting i purchased was not framed and look like the one below



After coming to India , i thought of framing it nicely

I contacted some shops for this work , and get it done in 800 rupees

Now it is hanging on wall , and everyone who come is spell bounded by the beauty of this piece

these kind of big painting are around 4000 to 5000 rupees in India itself , and it cost me only 1800 rupees only.

So ladies if you are planning a trip to thialand , dont forget to purchase these kinda stuff , to make your home even better

and also remember  to BARGAIN.


The one hanging in my living room.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


In the 1947 we got freedom,

Do we think for it seldom ?

Will there be peace or war,

Or terrorism going to empower.

After freedom responsibilities are more,

Who is going to handle we’re not sure.

Nobody will come from outside,

To give our country a designation worldwide.

We have to attain that aura of dignity,

That commands respect from everybody.

In the whole world no country is perfect,

But the man power makes it complete & best.

So,we the people of India should come on front,

To shoulder the responsibilities with full confidence.

Then,India of dreams will not remain in dreams,

It will come true to embellish it on the world’s peak.