Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thialand …………..A nice shopping experience

I was on a trip to thialand , its really a niceee  place to travel

I did a lot of things there , there is an endless list to it

but  the thing i enjoyed a lot is  SHOPPING (  its common to all females)

On my way to one of the best shopping street of Bangkok ,the sukhumvit market(easily accessible through BTS)

i saw lot of vendors make up the roadside market fringing the main road.I too purchased many things ,

some of them are of work while others are not may be

there i was behaving like a typical female who  go mad for shopping .

After 2 – 3 hours of shopping , i was a bit exhausted physically and in terms of money also.

All of a sudden my eyes fell on a beautiful portray of Buddha , it was an awesome rubber painting,

then the fight began on price ………………started from 4000 bahts  finishes to 600 bahts , after a lot of bargaining(mark it )

I was really happy for the deal , the painting i purchased was not framed and look like the one below



After coming to India , i thought of framing it nicely

I contacted some shops for this work , and get it done in 800 rupees

Now it is hanging on wall , and everyone who come is spell bounded by the beauty of this piece

these kind of big painting are around 4000 to 5000 rupees in India itself , and it cost me only 1800 rupees only.

So ladies if you are planning a trip to thialand , dont forget to purchase these kinda stuff , to make your home even better

and also remember  to BARGAIN.


The one hanging in my living room.

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